Happiness is a simple thing (11.19.12)

Happiness, such a simple thing-
it’s true.

Such a precious state, it’s very true.

Swimmingly, knowingly.
Tears well in the corners of my eyes to think of this shared “delusion” that is so intoxicating.
Not a care brushes past my wondering mind.
A grateful joy in my heart for the bleeding clouds that crack open and drain their insides on the ground before us.
These are the moments before the rested moon sets, and lives long and well in the night sky for all the western hemisphere to see beyond just us. Daylight hits and we find ourselves alive in the atmosphere surrounding us.

This is the tragedy.
I am here standing beside no one.
I am here, beside your memory.
I am resting in the memory of hours past, and that gives me such comfort knowing that you are breathing in the same air an hour and a half away.

You, and your love shine on and illuminate my chilly night.
You and your beautiful smile permeate the air surrounding me, and encapsulate me in your presence.

I am resting here,
in the imaginings of your arms around me,
and the sweetness of your loving embrace.

The taste of your sweet lips, and the lovingness in who you are.

I am a lucky girl to have you in my life, sweet one.
Love like this is precious, special, and a true blessing. A real rarity.
This is a marvelous creation between the two of us, one that I know and feel to be so true.
Magic within me is created when I see you, think about you, feel you, etc.

You’re such a beautiful expression and reflection of my very same heart looking back at me.

I love you.



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