Loving One Another (8.21.12)

“Why does the focus of another person to love dominate our attention? Why do we have a compulsion to love and be loved by one another? Why is there this push to find completion outside of ourselves? Lasting peace and love in eternal harmony with the beloved of our lives, the perfect reflection of our love that sends our hearts shooting into the stratosphere. Without this longing and yearning for someone else, who do we become? Without the seeking of the perfect partner, do we not just begin to seek for the true perfection, “god” itself? The faceless, nameless concept that fills us to the brim with ecstatic joy and peace that is unparalleled and unrivaled? That would be the search, would it not?
Even those not consciously seeking connection to the divine find it in the connection to a beloved person, animal, possession, or place. Perhaps that is where the search for the perfect partner comes in… The connection doesn’t need to be fancy or fantastic, but simply that they feel it, that pure love, is really the only thing that matters.
The people, places, dreams, animals, and objects we love and adore link us to that pure energy of love that permeates our beings and seeps into every aspect of our lives.

*It matters not who, what, or why we love, but just that we do love. Period.*”




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