Pay Attention (12.4.12)

Pay attention.

The passage of days weaves the tapestry of our lives.

Each day, no matter how insignificant carries the pattern of the whole complete work in each stitch. Each stitch is guided by the wholeness of the beautiful quilted interlock… Guided by the totality of who we are.

How ever many stitches it takes to thread one square of our lives to the next, however many steps it takes to get to our next vista of life… The days, so seemingly short and long, mean something. Those seemingly trivial happenstances that shape our relationships, livelihood, preferences, dislikes, etc. and they all count for something.
Rainy days spent huddled up inside make us appreciate standing outside bare and given to the sun. Long days of waiting for a phone call make us appreciate the eventual interaction all the more. Chaos and uncertainty in plans give us a taste for clarity and peace of mind.

It all has it’s place. The mundane is a vast playground of opportunity for growth and internal exploration. Wielding this knowingly gives us a chance to dance through our days, keeping in sync with the beat of the ever changing songs of life.



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