Resistance (10.25.12)

Resistance is not strength or for show- it is foolhardy. The real strength is in allowing whatever is here to be, and recognizing that Love is always with me, that Love is always here. I am never alone and these feelings of loneliness are fleeting, transitory, impermanent, and not actually true. Love is here in the silence, as well as with the people. Love is in winds, the rain, as well as the sunshine. My mind sticks on a preference for one above the other, and believes that the sun is absent… not here… When it is simply veiled behind the clouds. The distance you feel from others right now Katerina is the distance you feel from yourself. You’ve been keeping up an idea that says “I want and need to get away from these people”… Turned around, really is I want and need to get away from myself. So here you are, in the illusion of loneliness and separation. The pain you feel is your attempts at holding back the love which you are, and the pains permeate your whole experience. Do you hear the rain pouring? The puppy licking his paw? There is movement and energy and life all around you, but your mind will not see it as such when insisting you are stuck and immovable. I invite you to ask yourself whether or not it is just your thinking that is immovable and stuck in this moment. You are trying to fix the screen without fixing the projector. Then you feel deflated as you sit there crying about a spotty screen. Thank you for sitting down and coming back to me. I really love it when you do, because it’s a step in the right direction of your truth, joy, and happiness. The amount of love I really feel for you is unparalleled. I can show you the truth when you let me take the driver seat, and let your putzing mind take rest and lick its wounds. I am guidance, I am your heart.



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