Flower Observations (4.29.12)

“Every flower speaks the breathless words of God” – (July 15th 2012)


“I rest my eyes upon a flower sometimes and find the world means everything in that moment. Just then, I am the stewardess of beauty, ushering it into my conscious mind, allowing it to overtake my being. I feel the flower (as part of me).

I marvel at the intricate patterning of the petals, the marvelous mathematics that made such a thing possible, the deft precision of angles, and the consistency of the microcosm. It is a most awe inspiring sight. I am amazed and overjoyed with the beauty existing in the world. The geometry. The logic. The beauty of reason and the excitement existing within the comprehension of these patterns. How to make sense of and integrate all the miraculous works of this world without the concept of God? The great creations must have a creator, yes? Us artists are the Gods of our creations, we breath our life into them. To me, an atheist must be blind to not think that this existence is anything less than a divine magic trick. Or a perpetually unfolding creative work. We all make our marks and add a new piece to the story, inviting in more participation from the great everything to work with. We are marvelous at twisting the plot line with our willingness to do so, shifting and changing the face of the great creation with our every action. A picture emerges and we sense that we like what we see, but improvement is the nature of it all, and do not despair of all you’ve built comes tumbling to the ground. It is here that the plot to sow new seeds is created. From the ashes and waste of the past is fertile soil made for the fresh future. Renewal, expansion, realigning, reconstructing, re-creation, and change. It’s not done yet. Do not fret young one. The path is never laid in cement; God is much smarter than that. You are renewed in every single breath you take. There is opportunity from new circumstance, new view, new thought. It isn’t ever solidified. Forever flexible you are.” – Excerpt from Auto write /// 4.29.12



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