Love =/= Fairy tale (9.30.12)

“Love isn’t a fairy tale concept like I once believed it to be. Love is giving yourself and everyone else the right to be who and what they are without feeling the need to change and conform them to meet your standards. It’s about speaking your needs, and not condemning another when they can’t meet them for you. It’s about cherishing the time together now, because the past is gone and the future isn’t certain. It’s about vulnerability, sharing, and allowing your cards to be seen- even in the face of the fear of rejection. It’s about an ever widening capacity to show love and receive love with others, and the tenderness and sensitivity that must be present when that showing and receiving is a challenge for one or both people. It’s loving another enough to allow them their right to follow their joy to be happy, even if it’s not with you.” (September 30th, 2012)



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