Trapped in Samsara (7.9.12)

“Trapped in the confined space of my thoughts, I see how imprisoned I’ve become by the patterns of my mind. These are the ones I’ve woven, day in, day out, with every thought, action, and interaction. These are the mazes I walk: hot fiery coals beneath my feet, soles singed with every move I make without the healing balm of awareness and truth. In this place I lash at frustration, cry with desperation, escalate the ante so high that my mind deems it impossible to jump over and escape. This is the inferno, this is hell. Hell isn’t a place as much as it is a state of mind, and anyone who would like to make you believe any different, that it is a place you must be saved from the “eternal flames of damnation” may very well be already living in hell themselves, ignorant of the trappings of their own mental games.

When doused with the fresh waters of clarity and presence, the embers cease to burn, and the flames are laid to rest. The prison doors are swung open, and I am free to go- I am free to dance, play, and sing, running free as I was meant to. This is the freedom of the sages and wisdom keepers- the livened freedom from the havoc-wreaking mischievous story teller that keeps me in a constant choke hold, commanding obedience to a false idol, an illusory mirage of an authority demanding my loyalty.” – (July 9th, 2012)


(Original art by Katerina Edwards)


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