We are free (6.4.12)

“In my heart of hearts, I know what is supposed to happen here as I see with my own two eyes.
Bless this mess of mine, as I let the raft sink or swim, the burial will not be long gone or forgotten, but the sunrise will. Forget the days of old when the sun shone cold and the breathless moon spun a golden hue over the land.
This is the day long awaited,
and it is here we wait, baited,
Truthlessly truthful, loyal, and completely naked.

The experience of the beingness in pure nakedness,
in sober, somber, alert nakedness invites me in.
It shares it’s simplicity with me, reminding me of a time long ago when this state wasn’t quite so foreign.
Remember when all sung and danced and roamed and laughed?
There was joy in the air, we lived and breathed peace.
We leapt for the sun, and ran amok with worms between our toes
and not a care passing our beauty-lusting minds. The wind was our great song, and the mountains, our stable throne. We were the ladies and lords of the land, sharing in her ever-unfolding mystery.
Together we played, together we wept.
Together, that was the important part.

Inconspicuous meandering of a shepherd’s heart,
left way for the two fiddles and a bow harp.

Dance, as though life so depends on it- because it does!
Life is the dance we all step to-
intricate weaving of patterns of mine and yours makes the stitches of our bonds,
and our bonds interlace and create a great tapestry of all these connections and internal spaces. This is what I’m looking at now as I write this out – the great unfolding of this great choreography. Though the players may seem shady and much more a nuisance than an asset for now, we find that without them, what would I be? Without this, what would I have missed? These people come and these people go, belittling or inflating you as they make their passage through your life. To collapse into a heap over something one of these people say is to leave yourself. It doesn’t ever matter what they say, so long as you don’t agree. I’m learning this voraciously right now. I may never find that perfect half to my whole, and the way I see it, that’s okay. I’m at a point where I see that it’s not about waiting for someone else to complete my puzzle for me. I am not a broken jigsaw puzzle, I am the ocean’s view scenery on the front of the gamebox! I am the entire view, and I can be shiny on my own accord. ”



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