We are onions (7.14.12)

I jump around, to and fro, finding a solid space of truth to stand until I can find a bit more. Step by step, my real identity emerges, and the pieces and scraps of falseness are left in my wake, like scrap jettisoned from a cargo ship at sea. I leave them behind.

I have the likeness of an onion, who is being peeled back, layer by layer, uncovering more of the untarnished center as I go. There is integrity to be found in the solid layers nearing the core. There is a strength- a fundamental stability to these thicker layers, as opposed to the flimsy wrappings of the outside lacking much substantially. This has been my process, my journey inward- reclaiming wholeness.



One thought on “We are onions (7.14.12)

  1. Beautifully said! I can feel so much emphasis on self-esteem and identity. The determination within is also a great thing to acknowledge. I wish you the best in your future ahead. Take care. Thanks for sharing!

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