My body is an empty room (1.31.12)

(observations in an altered state of mind)

My body is an empty room…

I feel my heart expanding in this space that I remember from my dreams. I feel like I’m watching weeks of pictures moving hands. The fingers keep changing positions. I feel this experience of life I longed for. The completion of a dream. The total at ease piece. Nothing can disturb me while I whirl here, in this center of consciousness. That I AM. I’m channeling myself right now. My body knows what to do to create the space I type in. I am in a minimum frequency. Life lives here. In the space between the air and my skin lies the film that keeps this all together. This whole experience is so fragile, yet it is my whole world for this moment. I am experiencing myself as god. If we are god, always a part of god- is it like some dolls in a puppet show? Reality, behind a reality. If that what it means to be multidimensional? If so, haven’t I been doing this for a long time? Layers of reality? Is that what they literally mean by the “different layers of bodies”?



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