Reunited with silence (12.13.12)

Reunited with silence,
The spaces between sound.
I am here, resting alone.

Overcast sky… It creates a damp, chilled blue hue on all of the furniture of the family room. The skylight sprinkles a white light descending in the middle of the room.

Talking about
the chills in my toes
reminds me of
swirling frigid air
I breathed in last night
in my freezing cold room
without you.

I wrapped the blankets
around my face
and gave myself
an opening
just big enough
to inhale.

Did you
miss me

Our bodies retain
the heat from our love
so well when
we are together,

but apart
it disperses and leaks out
like a broken container-

the elements usurp me
and my attempts at warmth.

(painting by Joanne Licardo)


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