End of the World? (12.20.12)

As the galactic alignment makes its approach, I am faced with the current batch of illusion I have created for myself.

The masses think this is the end of the world, but my experiences are showing and telling me that it is simply the end of our perceptual delusions of our selves/each other/the world. This is not to say they will not happen any more, but the truth will be able to be seen much more readily now, and it will be difficult to hide from it anymore.

I stand willing to look at it, and vigilantly I will stay wakeful and pay attention. These days it is getting to be ever increasingly difficult to deceive myself, and the awarenesses are mounting proportionally. I am looking at the neurosis, psychosis, clinging, alienating, depressing, inflating, screaming, swearing gamete entirely aware of the darkness here. .We are only as healthy as our deepest darkest secret. The skeletons let out a deep sigh of relief in being seen for the first time. The musty air is dissipating as the fresh breeze mingles and carries it out the window.

Let these wounds heal over, let the relief of presence soothe the decades long sting. We are the healers and the healed, and our interacting and revelation of ourselves transforms the collective pains of shame and ignorance, if we so have the courage to be truthful with ourselves and one another.



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