Apathy/We are not free (12.29.12)

Apathy has us in it’s grip.
Twice stronger than sorrow ever could.

How does one live a life of heart in a world like this?

How can we see clearly our part in all of this?

Reflections raging, and my eyes are stinging.
They explode,
And hot spit sprays at my face.
Looking into him, feeling into him,
I can see the tortured and horrified eyes of a thousand lost souls in this moment.
I see their ruin and destitution.
I see their peril and strife.
They live within all of us.
By the thousands,
They are enslaved to their own minds,
ideologies, and their hate.
Beholden to the almighty dollar, chained to their self-doubt and denial.
With these guns and gold,
We are not free.
We are not free until we realize the absurdity of believing we are while our hands are tied behind our backs.
We are not free if our mouths are firmly shut and we refuse to speak of what we see.
We are not free if we hear and see truth, and deny it’s existence.



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