Rising mind (1.7.13)

Radial symmetry? These lines in the sky pierce the atmosphere. Are they heaven sent, earthly phenomenon, or something betwixt the two?

– – – – –

My mind is rising like high tide at midnight, with every ebbing wave crashing onto the dry sand, more awareness is reached, and beheld in my sight. Sands dry as bone, territory left untouched by these oceanic currents of consciousness.

I am unaware of what I am unaware of. I am unknowing of what I do not know. As a piece of this great tapestry of awareness, I feel compelled to let in more of this data, this information. My mind and awareness seek to gather as much of this life experience as it can, to bathe in the rewarding and fulfilling waters of reflection, knowledge, and understanding. My heart yearns to know others. My soul seeks ease and peace in every turn of this winding road. My life is an ever unfolding mystery in which I am mostly pleased to take part in, mostly happy and delighted in turning the page to a new day.

I see the deliberate and disdainful attempts others and myself can make to chalk this existence up to nothing more than an elaborate accident… A chance rendezvous with shit and fan for us to explode into existence. We came in with a bang, basically, or existence did rather. Shouldn’t it then be concluded that existing in explosive ecstasy be as natural to us as our lives themselves? Why do so many of us insist on life being misery and drudgery? Wouldn’t our lives long to carry out the same function that our supposed existence did? An orgasmic explosive potential… Yearning to seek new heights and to enjoy the process of doing so.



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