A Testament to My Prowess (2.9.12)

Come with me dear one,
this night is but a babe
And it’s been many moons since we last spoke.

I’ll tuck you away under my
burgundy wing, and enchant
you with my sparkling eyes.

With the tossing and tumbling,
We will find our solace in this fiction.

I will say all the utterances you would like to hear, and I may not mean any of them.

The sun makes it’s passage,
Greeting me at my windowsill as I lay in my cold and vacant bed, recalling the mirage of hours past…

Who is the person that tried to carnage your innocence?
The one who would have stolen it all- your heart too?

I look around this illuminated room, searching for any trace of her. Her shadows are gone – she is nowhere to be found.

She came and went with the darkness of the night, and
I am left here, silently,
Picking up the pieces of
The mess she made.

(Artist of painting is unknown to me)



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