Expansiveness, a short essay (3.9.12)


How am I to illustrate the beingness that is me? Can I illustrate what it feels like to have electrical impulses shoot up and down my body? Can I paint for you the sensations of a broken heart? Can I show you laughter and joy through the colours I choose for a canvas? Choices… Art is choices. These little moments of choice create the overall effect. Expansion, can you define it? Expansion is awareness – awareness without resistance to what you are becoming aware of. Do you feel the sun shining on your forehead, or the slippery feeling of your tongue touching against your teeth? Expansiveness is understanding that surpasses everything you’ve thought and known before, it is progression, continual evolution. Everyone is expanding every moment of their lives, bringing them ever further along their path of growth and realization. This may look different for each one of us, as all our paths are different. Expansion is a feeling of ever increasing unity with your heart and your source. In meditation, the feeling is like being in the center of the sun. Reaching that state of unification, you find yourself untouchable, unreachable to anything that once hindered or hurt you. It is a state of knowing beyond knowing. It is a knowing in the heart that is you, this is truth. Inhabiting your heart, and widening it’s capacity is what expansion’s roots are in. It is here we find that we are so filled with remarkable potential, and we see past and beyond the stumbling blocks that have held us captive. There, you discover this unspeakable power that you didn’t really know you had, at least not to the magnitude in which you are able to express this power. This power is tied directly to your creator, it is your creative force, and with it you are able to shape your world for the betterment of humanity. Expansion is a continual state of being. It is the process of climbing the mountain of yourself, and stopping, turning around, and looking at how far you’ve come. It is the ever increasing inhale and exhale, which deepens with the gratitude you experience for each and every single day you are here. I often use a motif of a sun in my artwork, and this is so symbolic of this process of expansion. Expansion takes perseverance, faith, trust, belief in yourself, your maker, and all of the universe. Expanding is forgiveness, it is love beyond what you have ever considered or comprehended. Expansion is electrical, revitalizing, and deliriously exciting. It is the running and reaching of a child playing tag, and athlete breaking a personal record, the look on an artist’s face as they complete their new masterpiece. Expansion is increasing capacity, doing beyond what you conceived possible. It is that pinnacle moment, standing as though you were on top of the world. It is the dancer, the singer, the musician, reaching, continually reaching, for the better, better, better. It is the relaxing into and letting go of all that stands between you and your vision. The sun shows the way to the light, we instinctively reach for the sun.



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