Snorkeling with the Sea Turtles (8.18.12)

Recall of my snorkeling adventure with sea turtles during my stay in Hawaii:

(Honu: the Hawaiian word for sea turtle)

“The majestic honu, marauding around the ocean floor. It ever so subtly came up beside me, lurking in the corner of my vision. It was still, and calm, but I felt a near presence of knowing and extraordinary life. This absolute silence of sentience wavering in the currents beside me. It’s a lonely, yet connected place being here, out at sea. Not far from life, but I am far from what I think I need to be. It’s natural and fluid like the currents themselves – to just move and be unassumingly yourself. The moving and being of the waves of life themselves encourages the same from me. The fluidity and changeability, yet ever constant and consistently true to their form.

The tangible and irrevocable peace of being in this center is the driver of my joy, the sole reason behind my smile. The remembrance and knowing of this place brings me back, time and again… time and again. It hurts to not love, and that is why I love. To be anything but loving feels false and only fleetingly correct.”



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