There is a heart here… (2.28.13)

There is a heart here that is still beating,
There is a song here that is still playing.
There is a voice here that is still speaking, “move along.”
There is a mind here still thinking,
There is a home here I’m still grieving.
There is a choice here, still being made.

There is a life here, a little seedling,
that needs my watering to be maintained.
The flower can stunt it’s growth towards the sun if it’s covered in shade most of it’s days.

Why would our love be any different?
Why would I imagine anything could survive in pain, sorrow, and misery?

The heart needs to say what it will say,
but for it to function healthily and heartily again it must know that how it is feeling now is okay and it will pass in time.

Lovingness and compassion for my own self is where this all starts, and that truly is the only healing and amending that one needs to do.
Everything else takes care of itself from there.
Everything is able to rejoice when joy and peace reign inside.



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