I see a lot of people say that “Love will save us”…

I see a lot of people say that “Love will save us” or “Love will change the world”… But I think that it’s important to clarify something. It’s not that the feeling of love in and of itself will save the day, and that if we sit on our yoga mats or cushions in zen and bliss all day that anything really will change for the better. It’s the actions we take derived from that great love that will. Focused, powerful action. It takes the movement of energy to affect the outcomes of our lives and collective existence, but when we carry out the powerful action backed by the power of love, we can damn near move mountains. And then, and only then, can we change and really make a difference for the better in our world. (4.2.13)

Photo by Tyler Derosier

Photo by Tyler Derosier


3 thoughts on “I see a lot of people say that “Love will save us”…

  1. I love the way words flow on paper and build a concept and understanding that is so easy to grasp! You are such a natural and this IS the perfect platform for you to share from the depths of your loins your wisdom that is light years beyond others. My Angel Eyes… You never fail to amaze me with your GOD-given talents!

  2. I completely agree! I volunteer as a hospice worker and sit with the dying and provide unconditional love, compassion and comfort. I am also an actively practicing vegan Buddhist being the change I want to see in the world. The more I practice acts of unconditional love and selflessness the clearer I become and the more loving and egoless I become. I do find it easier around some people and not others but the others are making me look deeper at my own internal blockages to demonstrating love in all circumstances. I’d really love to meet you sometime to talk. Perhaps we could Skype sometime. I live in Anaheim, CA about 5 minutes from Disneyland.

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