She took down her walls. (3.24.14)

She took down her walls.

Barriers, blocks, and fortress walls enclosed her within herself, so much so that the light of the day couldn’t reach inside of her soul.

Year after year, the light had slowly diminished from her life, and the scattered attempts at fixing the problem fell by the wayside.

You know, It’s a cold place inside a closed heart. Assuming nothing and noone can understand or hear you based on past evidence that may or may not be truth…. can lead you to question your own thoughts and beliefs about reality.

After many long cold years, something BIG happened to stir up her soul.

A glimpse of hope and light showed up in the form of a new love, and it was a shock to the assertions she had that LIFE IS DARK AND MEANINGLESS.

When it started to glimmer through the cracks in her beliefs, she began to realize that she had beliefs to question.

“Sure, I’ve always had walls I bet… But now the trick is seeing how to get past them, so that I can go experience that beautiful warm light that tickled my soul! How do I get there, I want to get there!”

Day by day, little by little, the girl began to see the reasons for her walls and barriers. She began to look around her dark rooms, and ask herself what she actually needed in there. And everything else, she started throwing away.

She threw away self judgement.
She threw away her lack of self worth.
She threw away jealousy, and she threw away pride.
She threw away negative self talk.
She threw away the wounds of others judgements from the past.
She threw away her worries, and her fears.

Little by little, her room started getting brighter!

“Without all this stuff in the way, I can finally breathe and relax!”, she thought to herself.

All the reasons had been taking up so much space inside of her room, that she not only had barriers against the outside, but also had reinforcment from all the room’s furniture blocking the path to the original blocks and barriers.

Pleased with herself, she continued.

“You know, this belief is so last year. I really don’t need this anymore. This self-loathing isn’t very becoming for me. These drapes of loneliness and shame just don’t do it for me anymore.”

And in the garbage more went.

Finally, she arranged the room into something she was comfortable with, and didn’t quite mind. She cleared a path to the window, covered in cobwebs and dust, and cracked it open.

Brilliant rays of beautiful sunlight poured into her heart and soul, and she began to cry. She remembered this feeling from childhood, such a feeling of utter defenselessness and surrender that she began to dance. Song started traveling up from the depths of her heart and she began to sing with the glee and gusto of a young girl. The radiant light calmed her, enveloped her in the love she had always been seeking for, but didn’t remember she could find.

Amused, she thought to herself, “I had the power to open this window all along, and if it closes again, I know who closed it. This is the best feeling in the world, I want to keep it open as long as I live!” and she continued to dance, in joy.

* * * *

Think to yourself, for one moment, does any of this resemble an experience you’ve had yourself? What have your experiences been like when you’ve decided to take down a wall you had up? What about any experiences you’ve had in overcoming a block of yours? I’d love to know!

*If you are ready to take down some of your barriers, walls, and blocks against higher creativity, expression, love, healing, and abundance, please go to my (sessions page) to see some testimonials and to book a session as soon as possible. You deserve to have the full flow of life pouring through you, unhindered by the burdens you are carrying. *

(Original art and writing by Katerina Edwards, 2014)



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