It is Good, Right and Just to be ABUNDANT.


Tonight, I write to you this blog post as I am overlooking an incredible view of the ocean from an incredible beach house and with incredible company and after having an extremely enriching, soul nourishing day. There is simply beauty from every corner of my vision, and my heart feels expansive and electrified with gratitude for the blessings that have been pouring into my life the past few weeks (and indeed months and years!)


As I look up to the clear night sky, a pleasure most city dwellers may not experience regularly, I am filled with gratitude. As I recline here on a balcony of a home bigger and more ornate than most of the world has ever stepped foot in, I am filled with gratitude. As I look over to my love and see a kind loving and supportive man, I am filled with tremendous gratitude, as I know that that is a pipe dream for many women. As I look at my clients, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude that they have found me and that they are so excited and ready to be helped and assisted in their journeys.


So, needless to say, I am extremely grateful.

But, what makes me so different than you or anyone else?

You know, nothing really.

You are just as capable of experiencing amazing things in your life that feel as though they were just handed to you. It’s you divine birthright to thrive and live a full and nourishing existence.

So, Why NOT you?

Ask yourself- what beliefs are you holding about yourself that are keeping you from living as you desire? What prison do you need to evacuate before you can roam free as a bird?

For me, it was always something to do with my physical appearance. “When I’m this dress size, then I’ll go for it. When my skin has zero red spots, then I’ll go play in the ocean without a t shirt or wear a halter top.”

Have you ever told yourself bogus stories that keep you from living as you want?

For others, it may be a lack of know how, a job they hate, or a particularly binding commitment like a dying parent or perhaps it’s something else.

Maybe it’s a lack of money, time, energy, or support.

Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you, there is always another way.

Another way to approach your life,
another way to view your situation,
another path from burden to opportunity,
another road from chaos to clarity.

There is ALWAYS another way.

Be gentle with yourself, your abundance is waiting for you. You’ve just got to relax into it and start putting one foot in front of the other… Clearing out the old ways of being, and crafting the new… The more abundant version, the more enjoying version, the more playful version of yourself. And from there, the “how” becomes evident.

Follow your bliss and “be you to the fullest”!

Love, joy, and blessings!

❤ Katerina


P.S.~ if you are interested in having a session with me to discuss some of your blocks or any other issues you made need to work through to make some way for your abundance in its many forms, please visit my “sessions” page and book a session with me. I look forward to speaking with you soon!



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