You should be here! Taken at Cahuita beach on the Caribbean coast!


Costa Rica!!!

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  Hey everyone! It’s Katerina and Paul for the “Pura Vida Retreat”. Here’s a brief overview of what we are offering with this “Pura Vida” retreat.


Paul and Katerina

   Pura Vida is local term used to describe the way of life so many ascribe to in Costa Rica. It literally translates to “pure life”, and is used in passing, greeting, exclamation, and as an adjective. It’s used to describe the tranquil, slow pace of life, the “don’t worry, be happy” vibe so many foreigners gravitate to when becoming acquainted with the mode of living here.


A waterfall in the distance in the rainforest


 In context of our retreat, we aim to give a space for people who are seeking a slower paced, more centered and happy kind of an existence, away from the bustle of everyday life in the modern industrialized world.

   Here’s more of the specifics of what we are providing. We will do airport pickup and drop off, fresh meals included, high quality housing included, and optional activities are available. When you fill out the application questionnaire, you will be able to choose from a variety of activities that will make up some of your retreat.

pura vida retreat 2

Horses in the field while on a hike


Volcano Irazu, the tallest peak in Costa Rica


Monkeys hanging out in the trees at the national park in Cahuita, on the Caribbean coast.


Paul is just relaxing at the overlook over Orosi before sunset.

Click the link below to fill out our application questionnaire:


The retreat will be led by me, Katerina, an artist, spiritualist, writer, and online entrepreneur who has fallen in love with the country of Costa Rica and is passionate about helping others discover their passions and helping them remove the boundaries and barriers that keep people from following their heart’s callings.


Katerina overlooking the Cachi dam


Face painting at the market in Cartago


Katerina with a horse friend in Cartago 🙂

It is co-hosted by my loving partner, Paul, whom I met while living here. Paul is an entrepreneur as well, providing many services locally such as tour guiding, personal concierge, and  also real estate. He has been located in Costa Rica for 4 years, and is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of relocating here on various budgets and sustaining yourself in foreign countries on small or fixed incomes. He is designing a web course that will soon be available that will help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that many make when coming to live in a foreign country.

paul on top of car

Paul on the top of the car at Irazu


Paul and his client Carl at the local sugar mill!

retreat paul

Paul standing on the front porch, overlooking the view.

The retreats are starting in April, and we have open dates available.

Just let us know when you’d like to come!

Our retreat is taking place in the Orosi Valley, Costa Rica. The accommodations are at our beautiful home in the mountains with a gorgeous view of Lake Cachi and the three volcanos in the area: Irazu, Turrialba, and Poas. The night sky has virtually no light pollution, and the illuminated hillside is breathtaking. The front of the house is glass, so you are always close to nature, without being subject to it. It’s completely quiet day and night, no neighbors are in the vicinity, and it’s extremely conducive to the solitude, retreat, and peace of mind that so many seek.

view retreat

What a beautiful view to wake up to in the morning!

retreat pic

The view from the balcony, Lake Cachi and in the distance is 3 volcanos!


After finding much benefit ourselves to living in such a beautiful and peaceful location, Paul and I decided that it would be really amazing to start inviting others to come share in the tranquility and  “Pura Vida” (literal translation is “Pure Life”) that we live on a daily basis! It’s an incredible place to reconnect with your spiritual and creative self, refocus your energies, and get clarity on your life and direction.

The quiet, tranquil atmosphere paired with the beautiful weather and scenery will refresh your mind, re-inspire your spirit, relax your body, and awaken your senses. The adventure and thrills we also can arrange for you will give you an incredible rush, and make you really feel ALIVE, whether it’s ziplining through the tops of canopies, rafting through the white waters of the river, bungee jumping, or paragliding off a cliff through the mountain air, it will surely be a life changing experience.

Come experience the beauty of Costa Rica with us!

Come experience the beauty of Costa Rica with us!

    Another beautiful thing about being in Costa Rica is that you will gain tremendous international perspective seeing how the local culture functions and operates. It’s a small town where we are, and there are a lot of country folk. You will gain in gratitude for the life you have, and feel blessed for all that you have been given.


The abandoned town of Turrialba!


Nano and a tourist by his waterfall!

We also will provide you with delicious meals, catered to your particular dietary needs and requirements, infused with local flavor. We have access to high-quality local organic produce, raw milk, cruelty free meat and virtually anything else you could want. The accommodations are high-quality as well. The grounds are well maintained, clean, and beautiful. Hot water showers are available, and the toilets are American, so you can flush the toilet paper (a luxury many Americans take for granted until they come to the developing world!)

local produce retreat

A variety of fresh local and organic fruits and veggies!

retreat food

Gorgeous salad made with love by Katerina!


Mango juice topped with coconut and cranberries!

   If you are so inspired by the country, much like both Paul and I have been, we can help you arrange accommodations based on your budget after the retreat is over if you’d like to stay!

   We look forward to meeting you, and wish you the best of luck in your journey!

Click the link below to fill out our application questionnaire:



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  2. Pingback: Adventures with Paul and Katerina in Costa Rica — “Sea Kayaking” | Katerina Edwards//Be You To The Fullest!

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